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Si vous partagez comme nous l'amour du monde de la moto et des voyages alors vous aimerez vous laisser transporter dans nos escapades moto et nos coups de coeur.....
Vous y retrouverez toutes nos idées et propositions de road trip à moto mais aussi des conseils pour préparer vos futurs voyages moto.

Frequently asked questions about our tours

Do you make flight arrangements for your motorcycle tours ?

No we don't. It has to be arranged from your home country. However, once you have your flight details we can organise your transfer from airport to your hotel. 

What should I bring with me on the tour in France ?

You will always be more confortable if you ride with your own riding equipment but we can provide jackets, helmets and gloves on requesty some if needed. 

Should I arrive early ?

If you are coming with an oversea flight It is always a good idea to arrive early to allow time for things like lost luggage and jet lag. This is also a good time to pick up souvenirs and do some additional off the bike activities.

Is it compulsary to wear a helmet in France ?

Yes it is vital that you wear your helmet at all times. We cannot be held responsible in case of injuries if the helmet is not on. The price for the ticket is € 135. We strongly recommand for your comfort that you bring your own helmet.

What is the purpose of the support vehicule ?

No there are no support vehicule on our motorcycle tour. In case of a built group we can provide it with fees.

What is the maximum group size ?

We limit our groups to 12 motorcycles plus the tour leader. This is the perfect size on the road and for all logistical aspects (restaurants, hotels, parkings etc). This size also allowed for the Tour guide to take care correctly of everyone.

Is the tour suitable for riding two-up ?

Yes, of course. All our motorcycle are passenger friendly and we have a lot of stops on the road to allow some rest. Depending on the tour there will be 2 or 3 days where we stay at the same places to give you time to visit or shopping.
In case of physical problems or tiredness, passenger can still join the support vehicle although is it not design for it.

What happen in case of a mechanical breakdown ?

We have a spare motorcycle on a trailer in case of mechanical breakdown. We garantee that a replacement bike is avalaible within 24h for all our customers

What is the type of accommodation on our tours ?

All our hotels are 2, 3 or 4 star hotels depending on tour and countries. We favor hotels that are in town centre and from where most sights can be reach by foot. They all meet the international standard. They are mainly family-run hotels.

What are the weather conditions we are likely to encounter ?

Weather is usually nice and warm in summer although som bad weather can be encounter on some occasion. Normandy and Brittany are more rainy than the south of France but rain never saty long. temperature are between .....
it's allways good to have a jumper for the evening especially in the Normandy area. But if you have a swimsuit it likely that you will have a chance to use it.

Can I bring my personal labtop ?

Yes, all of our hotels offer wifi (free for most of them) and you can get wifi from bars and restaurants or public places.

What kind of electrical adaptater I need for France ?

France is on 220 AC, you will need an electrical adapter for Europe

Will my credit card works on all ATM in France ?

Yes, most of international credits cards works in all ATM and for payments. Although having a chip card on your credit card helps, especially to get gas.

How do I organize for clothing and laundry ?

We recommand to pack light for more convenience. Most town where we stop and especially those where we have a rest day, have a laundry nearby our selected hotels. Your guide is here to help you on that topic.

What are the bikes equipped with ?

All our bikes are equipped with hard luggage for your personal belongings. we can also provide tank bag on request. GPS unit are also provided.

Can I ship my riding gear ahead in France before the tour ?

Yes, you are welcome to send your riding gear ahead of your tour. Contact us for mailing address.

Do you have riding equipment available ?

We allways recommand that people bring their own motorcycle equipment, however we can provide some equipment (helmet, gloves, jacket) but it has to be book in advance.

What is the riding experience I need for those tours ?

There are no technical difficulties on our tour. We are riding one national roads and secondary roads which are all of good qualities. Of course we spend most of the day on and off the bike so good physical condition is a minimum. Therefore some tours like the Grand Alps loop and Northern Italy requires some good riding skills.

What kind of driver's license is required for our tours ?

You can ride in our tour with your national driving license but we recommand that you get a international one.

Can I join a guided tour with my personal bike ?

Yes, of course, you can find the prices of our tours with your own bike on most tour pages. If not available contact us for the quote.

How do we organize for lunches and dinners ?

Lunches and dinner are not included. There is no plan for lunch as it is hard to plan ahead the place we will stop. But we know some recommande places that we try to stop at. For dinners we will definitely know some good places for all budget and we provide you the informations you need in accordance with your taste. The meals can be taken all togegher but it's perfectly ok if people goes on their own.



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