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Vous y retrouverez toutes nos idées et propositions de road trip à moto mais aussi des conseils pour préparer vos futurs voyages moto.

Mad Nomad motorcycle adventure RTW : The kindness of strangers

Mad Nomad motorcycle adventure RTW : The kindness of strangers

I’ve been travelling on motorcycles ever since I got my licence 15 years ago at the age of 17. I started by riding all over the UK, but pretty soon that felt too small and so I headed to France…

On my first big trip, I landed in Calais, rode off the ferry, got lost within 5 minutes and pulled over into a quiet country layby. I had no idea where I was going, where I would stay that night or which road to take (I forgot to buy a map). There was a Frenchman in his car not far from me.

I walked over and asked if he could point me in the right direction. This stranger was the very first person I spoke to while motorcycling abroad…

He pulled out his phone and called his daughter. Told me that he had a business meeting to go to, but that his daughter would be here in five minutes and that I should follow her car back to their house where I could stay the night.

mad nomad motorcycle adventure rtw

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Frequently asked questions about our tours

Do you make flight arrangements for your motorcycle tours ?

No we don't. It has to be arranged from your home country. However, once you have your flight details we can organise your transfer from airport to your hotel. 

What should I bring with me on the tour in France ?

You will always be more confortable if you ride with your own riding equipment but we can provide jackets, helmets and gloves on requesty some if needed. 

Should I arrive early ?

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Ride in Tours, a motorcycle tour operator apart ?

Ride in Tours, a motorcycle tour operator apart ?

Ride in Tours ? Whether you have heard of us or not at all, you are probably wondering where we are coming from ?.

Founded in 2013 in Tours in the Loire Valley, France, Ride in Tours is now well established on the market of French tour operators offering motorcycle trips in France and Europe to overseas riders and multi-brand rental motorcycles.

ride in tours motorcycle travel agencymotorcycle rental and tours in France

Before describing what make Ride in Tours motorcycle tours so special, I must tell you my story, here is the genesis...

But above all behind Ride in Tours is the story of a man: Laurent DOZIAS, a motorcyclist born in 1966, (I let you count) born in Orléans, eager for travel and curiosity.

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Regional motorcycle tours in France

Regional motorcycle tours in France

france-circuit-moto-ride-in-toursMotorcycling the beautiful roads of France is the best way to discover this diverse country. With our motorcycle tours designed as treasure maps, we will guide you from one breath-taking discovery to the next, taking care of the logistics while you focus exclusively on the pleasure of riding your motorcycle at your own pace. Ride In Tours frees you from the hassle of organizing a trip while providing you some of the very best motorcycling routes in France. Relax and enjoy the experience.

Ride In Tours can adapt trips to suit your needs, including flexible lengths of stay, additional nights, accommodation type, dates, rental bikes, etc. Combine several tours and get a lower rates (contact us for details). Our rates apply based on two people travelling on a motorcycle; a lower rate is available for larger groups.

Take time to visit the most spectacular sights in France. Enjoy the sightseeing attractions at each stop, which are selected from heritage villages officially designated "The Most Beautiful Detours of France". Our tours highlight the history of the regions through which we travel and our itineraries are set to enhance your riding experience.

Your vacations with us will never be a race against the clock !. For your accommodation, we will book traditional, independent and well-located hotels that meet a set of specifications based on uncompromising respect for your comfort, service, and cleanliness. 

motorcycle tour in Francetouring France on motorcycleriding in France

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Buying a motorcycle in Europe, and sell it at the end of the trip..

Buying a motorcycle in Europe, and sell it at the end of the trip..

All travelers intending a long term motorcycle trip in Europe have several options from renting, shipping or buying a bike. All those solutions have advantages and disadvantages that need to be analyzed according to the kind of motorcycle trip planned.

Renting a motorcycle

For most motorcycle trip in Europe renting is the most cost effective option. Rental companies are numerous in Europe and can provide almost all types of bike from custom to dual sport/adventure bikes or even sport bike. Once you have chosen the country you will rent from and selected the rental company make sure to compare the rates as they can be very different from one to another. For example some includes unlimited mileage others are charging for extra miles. But we will come back later in the blog with more information on how to rent a motorcycle.

Shipping your bike

Depending on how much time you plan to ride in Europe but shipping is an interesting option but not the easiest and certainly not the cheapest. Prices range from 1 to 3 between shippers and destination. Keep in mind that it usually takes time to organize and a lot of hassle on paperwork. There is also a risk, especially with sea freight, of delays. Once your bike is arrived at destination it also takes some time with customs and shippers to get it.
Then when you think it’s done and can start you ride you must get an insurance which is another story especially as a non-resident. Shipping is worth if you plan to spend at least 6 to 9 months or more.

Buying a motorcycle and sell it back

At least but not last you can try to buy a motorcycle and sell it back when you have completed your trip. It must be stated that in order to be cost effective the duration of trip must be at least 3 months. Below this period renting can still be interesting.
Compare to renting and shipping, buying is not the easiest to find as very few business offers this service. Sometimes motorcycle dealers will be ok to do it but it will cost a lot.

The principle is very simple. You buy a bike, do your trip, come back and sell it.
The main advantage of this system is that you don’t have to go through the administrative hassle (registration and insurance). As an example, in most European countries you can only get insurance (or even sometimes title) if you can prove you are a resident. In most case there are ways to go around it but it’s always playing on the razor’s edge and it’s time consuming and stressful.
Some company only charge a fee on each transaction but you only get your money back when the bike is sold (can take a few months) some charge a percentage of the value of the bike which is what Ride in Tours offers.
As an example Ride in Tours use a chart in accordance with the mileage done and duration to get the percentage of refund on the bike (from 40 to 60 %).

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