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Si vous partagez comme nous l'amour du monde de la moto et des voyages alors vous aimerez vous laisser transporter dans nos escapades moto et nos coups de coeur.....
Vous y retrouverez toutes nos idées et propositions de road trip à moto mais aussi des conseils pour préparer vos futurs voyages moto.

2024 We're moving !!

parc ride in tours 2024

After 9 years staying at 196 Avenue George Sand, La-Ville-aux-Dames, we’re moving!

Oh dear! But where are you going?

Don’t panic! We go less than 1.5 km from our previous office!

Ok, but what does it change for us?

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Géovélo tu connais ?


 est une application mobile de navigation à vélo. Elle vise à faciliter la planification des trajets à vélo pour les cyclistes, à encourager la pratique du vélo et à contribuer à l'amélioration des infrastructures cyclables. Gratuite et sans publicité, l'application est développée à Tours et est disponible sur les plateformes iOS et Android.

Et nous avons créé plusieurs circuits afin de vous faciliter votre journée ! L’idée est simple, vous louer votre vélo chez Ride in Tours, vous allumer l’application Géovelo, vous choisissez le circuit qui vous plait le plus et vous vous laissez guidé par l’application.

Plutôt simple ! Et pour avoir toutes actualité et nouveauté que nous proposons rejoignez-nous ! et entrez le code CXEGASR

Réglage préconisé, itinéraire touristique ! c’est important pour rester sur les routes que l’on vous préconise

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Mad Nomad motorcycle adventure RTW : The kindness of strangers

Mad Nomad motorcycle adventure RTW : The kindness of strangers

I’ve been travelling on motorcycles ever since I got my licence 15 years ago at the age of 17. I started by riding all over the UK, but pretty soon that felt too small and so I headed to France…

On my first big trip, I landed in Calais, rode off the ferry, got lost within 5 minutes and pulled over into a quiet country layby. I had no idea where I was going, where I would stay that night or which road to take (I forgot to buy a map). There was a Frenchman in his car not far from me.

I walked over and asked if he could point me in the right direction. This stranger was the very first person I spoke to while motorcycling abroad…

He pulled out his phone and called his daughter. Told me that he had a business meeting to go to, but that his daughter would be here in five minutes and that I should follow her car back to their house where I could stay the night.

mad nomad motorcycle adventure rtw

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Frequently asked questions about our tours

Do you make flight arrangements for your motorcycle tours ?

No we don't. It has to be arranged from your home country. However, once you have your flight details we can organise your transfer from airport to your hotel. 

What should I bring with me on the tour in France ?

You will always be more confortable if you ride with your own riding equipment but we can provide jackets, helmets and gloves on requesty some if needed. 

Should I arrive early ?

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Ride in Tours, a motorcycle tour operator apart ?

Ride in Tours, a motorcycle tour operator apart ?

Ride in Tours ? Whether you have heard of us or not at all, you are probably wondering where we are coming from ?.

Founded in 2013 in Tours in the Loire Valley, France, Ride in Tours is now well established on the market of French tour operators offering motorcycle trips in France and Europe to overseas riders and multi-brand rental motorcycles.

ride in tours motorcycle travel agencymotorcycle rental and tours in France

Before describing what make Ride in Tours motorcycle tours so special, I must tell you my story, here is the genesis...

But above all behind Ride in Tours is the story of a man: Laurent DOZIAS, a motorcyclist born in 1966, (I let you count) born in Orléans, eager for travel and curiosity.

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