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RIDE IN TOURS offers a motorcycle buyback system to riders intending an extended trip in France or Europe.

Our experience with long-term riders has shown us that a lease does not match the needs of travelers who wish to spend several months riding a bike in France or Europe. That is why we offer to provide motorbikes for this category of traveler. The principle is simple, you tell us your budget and the type of motorcycle you're looking for, and we do the rest. On arrival the bike is waiting for you, registered and insured. At the end of your journey you return the motorbike and we buy it back for a pre-determined price.

Why choose this option

buying selling motorcycle europe retailWhen you really want to take your time exploring this great country by motorcycle, renting by the day can become expensive. So we offer you any model readily available in France, for any period from 2 months to 1 year at a cost far below rental rates.

Motorcycle Buy back versus classic rental

If you rent a motorcycle from us you pay one fee and have total peace of mind. When you "buy" a bike from us you must take good care of it if you want us to buy it back at the agreed price. Things like tires, servicing and other maintenance become your responsibility because you own the bike. This is the trade-off for the large savings you will gain against a rental. 

Cost of motorcycle sell and buyback

We can sell you a motorcycle of your choice, and then purchase the machine back at a pre-arranged price. Generally, if you buy a used motorcycle from us, we will buy it back between 40 to 50% of the purchase price.

The most common price range for our buybacks is between 2 000 € and 5 000 €. This is your upfront cost; we then give you a percentage of this back, based on the period, the distance traveled and the model of motorbike (see examples below). You should weight this expenses against the cost of shipping your own bike to Europe which runs about 3500 €, plus the hassle of having to deal with customs and insurance. 

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Example of % Return

duration / mileage % cost

3 months / up to 5 000kms


Cost = 800 € to 2 000 €

6 months / up to 10 000kms


Cost = 1 000 € to 2 500 €

12 months / up to 30 000kms


Cost = 1 200 € to 3 000 €


mileage / duration 3 months 6 months 12 months
5 000 km 60 % 55 % 50 %
10 000 km 55 % 50 % 45 %
15 000 km 50 % 45 % 40 %
20 000 km 45 % 40 % 40 %
25 000 km 40 % 40 % 40 %

Based on a 3 months period for a € 5000 BMW 650 GS (2009), buyback would cost about € 23/day whereas rental would cost € 130/day. saving an extra € 107/day to use towards other expenses.

As an example we can sell you a Yamaha 900 TDM with 20 000 km for 4 600 €.
We will guarantee to buy the motorcycle back minus condition and damage:
With 10,000 km 2 530 € must be returned in 3 months.
With 15,000 km 2 300 € must be returned in 3 months.
We will buy back any accessory chosen for half price if undamaged.

Additional costs would include :

  • Title (so that the bike is registered) : as an example a 750 GS is 206 € (depending on horsepower and year) this does not applies with the bike which are already in our fleet.
  • Insurance (third party liability) : 183 € / year to 400 € (for comprehensive coverage contact us for quote)

You must have the motorcycle serviced according to the manufacturers service schedule and the motorcycle must be returned clean.

If you need accessories (luggage racks, windshield, GPS mount and riding equipment (helmet, riding jacket, etc) we can provide those at a preferable rate (15% ldiscount on public rates). 

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These rates are indicative only. Email us for a quote and tell us your budget and the type of bike you interested in.

We also sell our ex-rental fleet bikes with a 3 month warranty at very competitive prices, with a buy-back guarantee and remember that our buyback schemes ensure that you do not have to worry about resale of your vehicle at the end of the trip.

In order to give reasonnable time to find the motorcycle and have everything ready we recommend that anyone interested in this sell & buyback option should give us a prior notice of minimum 2 months.

We also offer

  • Free accommodation in our house as a base camp for your trip (when available)
  • Free luggage storage.
  • We can organize maps and GPS if needed.


The motorbike will be insured with you as a driver therefore you will be fully responsible in case of damage.
Our insurance contract also includes a 24h road assistance anywhere in Europe.

Contact us for more information or fill up the form here to help us to make you an offer.

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