Memorial & battlefield WW I & II motorcycle guided tour

Dates Self-guided tour 2023
Destination Alsace to Normandy
Category Guided or Self-guided
Duration 10 days 9 nights

Mileage : 1153 km / 716 miles  

Tour highlights : Normandy D-Day beaches, Omaha Beach & Colleville cemetery, Maginot line site of Hackenberg, old town Strasbourg, Dabo rock, Pegasus bridge, Struthof camp, Verdun ww I trenches, Ardennes and Bastogne battlefields, Patton's grave, Mosel valley, Belleau wood

Utah beach motorcycle tour in Normandy

Dates & Prices
Departure date

Day 1 - Strasbourg
Day 1 - Strasbourg

Hotel transfer and briefing with tour leader. Visit and dinner in “La Petite France” (Old historic town of Strasbourg)

Day 2 - Strasbourg – Saverne
Day 2 - Strasbourg – Saverne

For your first ride you will discover the Alsace region. We will stop at the Struthof concentration camp, the only camp settled in France. Then we will follow the ridge road until the Dabo rock and also stop the boat lift at St Louis. We will stay near Saverne, a historic place berth place of the Rohan family.

Day 3 - Saverne – Saarburg
Day 3 - Saverne – Saarburg

From Saverne we will take our bikes to some scenic routes and make a detour through the Saar river valley. On this day we will visit some of the most preserved part of the Maginot line built between 1st and 2nd world war to protect France from another German invasion.

Day 4 - Saarburg – Verdun
Day 4 - Saarburg – Verdun

After a ride along the Mosel river valley we will stop at the American Memorial in Luxemburg where Patton is buried. Then through the twisty roads of northern Luxemburg we will stop in Bastogne a major place in the Bulge battles and make our way to Verdun through the Ardennes forest.

Day 5 - Verdun – Reims
Day 5 - Verdun – Reims

Verdun is the location of one of the major battle in WW I from 1916 to 1918. There you will discover what was the life in the trenches and see the fort of Douaumont and its cemetery, one of the largest in Europe. We will ride our motorcyles to the Champagne region and stop at the mill of Valmy a high place in the French revolution history.

Day 6 - Reims – Senlis
Day 6 - Reims – Senlis

To start the day we will go through the most famous names of Champagne vineyards and one course stop and have a tasting. After a stop at the 1st world war site of Belleau Wood, a founding sites for the Marine Corp, you will stay in the historical old town of Senlis.

Day 7 - Senlis – Honfleur
Day 7 - Senlis – Honfleur

We leave Paris following the river Seine and stop at La Roche Guyon and of course at the Giverny Garden of Monet. Then through the meander of the river Seine we will reach the 18th century harbor of Honfleur.

Day 8 - Honfleur - Caen
Day 8 - Honfleur - Caen

You leave Honfleur following the beatiful floral coastal scenic route. It will take you to the famous sea resort of Deauville. You will walk along the board on the beach. Then you will stop at the Pegasus Bridge in the British sector of Sword. The afternoon will be spent to discover the huge Memorial centre in Caen that covers all the 2nd wolrd war events.

Day 9 - Caen – Carentan
Day 9 - Caen – Carentan

You will start your day at the Arromanches artificial harbor, then an emotional stop at Omaha Beach and its museum, Colleville cemetery, the Pointe du Hoc and finally Utah Beach and Ste Mère Eglise. Your tour will end in Carentan, a major crossroad in the Utah sector for the Airborne forces.

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Each country has its history. The philosopher George Santayana stated “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”  It is our hope to keep the history of the 1st and 2nd World Wars alive and in the memories of our friends to ensure that it is forever remembered, yet show you the warmth and hospitality of this beautiful country.

We will take you back to those times where you will walk in the footsteps of those who gave their lives for freedom, those who suffered the hardships, and those who conquered tyranny. You will see the famous WWII defensive positions of the Maginot Line in Eastern France, the WWI trenches and cemetery in the plains of Verdun, tour the beautiful region of Alsace-Loraine, now known for its world-class wines, but also the site of Natzweiller-Strutof, the only German concentration camp on French soil.  You will see the famous D-Day beaches of Normandy where WWII allied forces overcame insurmountable German defenses, and experience the emotions of gratitude and humility during your visit the US Forces Cemetery at Colleville, the burial sites of those who gave the full measure in the defense of freedom.

You will sip champagne in Reims, the true home of Champagne and stroll in the gardens of Giverny, which gave inspiration to the famous artist Monet.Your motorcycle adventure will also include two nights in Paris with time to experience the wonders, history, and beauty of the City of Lights and create fantastic memories to last for a lifetime ! 

Day 2 STRASBOURG - SAVERNE (150 km /  94 miles)
Day 3 SAVERNE - SAARBURG (180 km /  119 miles)

Day 4 SAARBURG - VERDUN (256 km / 159 miles)
Day 5 VERDUN - REIMS (140 km /   86 miles)
Day 6 REIMS - PARIS (195 km / 121 miles)
Day 7 PARIS 
Day 8 PARIS - HONFLEUR (218 km / 135 miles)
Day 9 HONFLEUR - CARENTAN (150 km /   94 miles)

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 Motorcycles available in category A : BMW R 1200 RT / BMW LC 1200 GS / BMW LC 1250 GS
Motorcycles available in category B : BMW F 700 GS / BMW F 750 GS / Moto Guzzi V85TT
Motorcycles available in category C (quote on request) : Yamaha MT07 Tracer / Honda 750 NCX

All motorcycles comes with side panniers and top case box
Lower seat and lower frame version available on request.

Rates in guided tour formula (in € PP) : 

Motorcycle model / room type
(price per person)

lit single

lit double

lit twin

  BMW R1200RT BMW LC 1200 GS  

€ 3 240

€ 2 490

€ 2 940

Moto guzzi V85BMW F 750 GS € 2 840 € 2 210 € 2 540

The price of this guided motorcycle tour includes :

  • Train transfer from/to Paris Airport and transfer to hotels on arrival and departure
  • Motorcycle rental with unlimited mileage and insurance
  • A professional bilingual guide on a motorcycle leading the group
  • 9 hotel nights in two and three star hotels with continental breakfast
  • Entrance tickets to Hackenberg fort, Omaha Beach museum and Struthof camp.
  • Welcome and farewell dinner
  • Tour information package with road-book and travel tips.

Not included in the price of this guided motorcycle tour :

  • Flight tickets
  • Any other meals not included in the tour
  • Drinks and all personal expenses
  • Fuel
  • Riding equipment (helmet, jackets, gloves)