Can-Am Spyder and Ryker rental in France

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Can-Am Spyder and Ryker rental in France

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Ride in Tours is today one of the major actors in motorcycle and scooter rentals in France. The size and variety of our fleet as well as our unlimited mileage offers allow us to meet all requests for either short rental periods but also for long distance  travelers for whom rental in dealership does not offer the flexibility and the services expected.

With the objective of always innovating and diversifying our offers, we are happy to add a new branch of 3-wheel vehicle rental with the brand that sets the benchmark in the field: Can-Am

No need to present Can-Am, a subsidiary of the Bombardier group (Brp) which has built its reputation with the ATVs, snowmobiles and of course the 3-wheel motorcycles such as the Spyder, which remains the emblematic model since its it was launched in 2008. Since then the brand has expanded its road range by declining the Spyder in different versions (the RT, the F3) and recently with its new model the 600cc and 900cc Ryker.

Still equipped with the Rotax engines, the Can-Am’s are renowned for their high standard and impeccable finish.

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Three times the fun !

As the saying goes, good things always go in threes. The Can-Am models Spyder and Ryker are the perfect example of this. With them everything goes in threes, the wheels, the cylinders, then continues with a perfect harmony trilogy between you, the vehicle and the road. You will be able to discover everything that makes a three-wheel ride a real experience, such as performance, comfort and convenience.

It's simple. Three wheels, three cylinders and the perfect union between you, your journey and the road ahead ... A journey worth it. But beyond performance, comfort and customization, there are other reasons to choose the power of 3. You don't have to take our word for it. Driving a Can-Am Spyder or Ryker provides unique sensations. Now is the time to triple the fun.


Released in 2019 and still powered by the rotax engine, the Ryker announces 138 kg less than its big brother the Spyder on the scale and provide a good shoot of fun. The 615 mm seat makes it accessible to all sizes. Moreover, many possibilities for adjusting the foot controls are very appreciable.

07 location can am spyder france15 location can am spyder france

No clutch on the Ryker 900 but a variator that responds well up to 80/90 and becomes more aggressive beyond pulling well on the arms. Equipped with a reverse gear, the Ryker will be easy to park and move around in all circumstances.

The Ryker sticks to the road and is very easy to handle, which makes it accessible to any rider.

Equipped with a passenger seat and Bagger-style side cases, it will take you on major roads as well as on small countryside roads. Ideal for short distance rides for a few days or for longer rides everywhere in France or Europe.


If any motorcycle can get you from one point to another, only the experience and lifestyle on a Can-Am Spyder makes the trip unforgettable. The Can-Am Spyder swallows the road and makes every mile more thrilling, whether it's for crossing the country, going to work or to the shop next door. The Can-Am Spyder experience is made to be shared, and our group travel catalog is perfect for getting you started with the adventure. Discover a new world, become a Ryder.

MEETING OF POWER AND PERFORMANCE The Rotax 1330 ACE engine lets you brave the road knowing you have the power you want, when you need it. It's also fuel efficient, since you can travel up to 406 km on a single tank.

ENGINEERED FOR THE ROAD The stability control system keeps you in balance, the throttle traction control system provides optimum grip, while the anti-lock braking system combined with Brembo brakes ensure optimum braking performance.

THE PERFECT ALLIANCE The exclusive U-Fit F3 system allows you to adjust the footrests to your height and choose a handlebar position that matches your riding style. It's so easy to customize for a truly individualized experience.

SPORTING PERFORMANCE Hit the road with the Spyder F3-LIMITED and, when you're ready to step up a gear, a low center of gravity, high-performance shocks and Sport Mode are ready to go.

COMFORT ON THE ROAD On long journeys, you'll appreciate the additional wind protection and practicality of the sport windshield, integrated side mirrors and glove box.

PREMIUM AUDIO SYSTEM The premium audio system is equipped with: radio, USB, Bluetooth and 1/8 "audio inputs so that you can listen to your favorite music from any device.

GO ALWAYS FURTHER You will undoubtedly appreciate the lockable, waterproof front compartment and the two stylish hard side panniers with a total capacity of 78 liters.

READY FOR LONG RIDES The waterproof top case box LinQ compatible of the Spyder F3 Limited offers 60 liters of storage to allow you to take everything you need for the long distances of your next Can Am road trip.


              Models / Rental duration         

    One day    

  5 days
    week day  



can am rt

€ 231

€ 1 048

€ 1 274

€ 480

 canam spyder f3 limited T  

€ 221

€ 1 000

€ 1 216

€ 450

 * Pick-up of vehicle on friday evening to sunday evening or monday morning.

Get your quote and book your vehicle right now with the search module on the left on this page.

All our motorcycles and Can-Am are equipped with side panniers and top case box.
On request we can provide the following riding equipment :

  • GPS                                     5 € / day with a maximum of 30 €
  • Helmet & glovess                 5 € / day with a maximum of 30 €
  • Riding jacket & boots           5 € each / day with a maximum of 30 €

These 3-wheel Can-Am are available for rental for one day or more with unlimited mileage and insurance included offers, but also to join any of our motorcycle tours in France and Europe.

Renting a Can-Am is choosing an original vehicles, with a unique look that will provide you a great load of sensations. Leave the routine behind.

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