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Tour terms and conditions

Below are the terms and conditions of sale that apply to all tours produced by RIDE IN TOURS.

The parties

The tour operator: RIDE IN TOURS, 196 avenue George Sand, 37700 La Ville aux Dames, France, registered at the chamber of Commerce of Tours with the license number n°IM037150002.

The client: the person who fills in the booking form and accepts the general conditions of sale.

Guided tours

You can register for one of our guided tours offered on our website. The total price of your trip will be the one published on our website or in our brochures (excluding insurance and options) depending on the dates of your trip. You can request a registration form by post, telephone, email or by using one of the forms on our websites. The registration form will then be sent back to you after we have checked availability. You can privatize a tour with the people of your choice. In this case, you must contact RIDE IN TOURS to establish a quote.

Tailor-made tours

RIDE IN TOURS offers you the possibility to create your own tailor-made tour.

Contact the RIDE IN TOURS team for suggestions of destinations, themes or itineraries according to your budget. To obtain your personalized travel program, you must submit your request for a quote by post, telephone, email or by using one of the forms on our websites. If the validity of your quote is exceeded, Ride IN TOURS is at your disposal to draw up a new quote for your trip if certain terms and conditions, in particular the price, should be modified. As soon as you accept this quote, within its validity period, you can register using the registration form. The price of tailor made or personalized tours is established on a case-by-case basis. The details of the services included will be communicated to you at the time of the quotation.

Conditions required for registration

The customer participating to a tour organized by RIDE IN TOURS undertakes:

- to be at least 21 years old

- to have a valid driving licence for the motorcycle being driven, whether it be with their own motorbike or with one of our rental fleet.

- to follow the road rules and regulations in force in the country (ies) crossed and cannot hold RIDE IN TOURS responsible for the consequences of the non-respect of the latter.

- to have a vehicle in good condition (in accordance with the French legislation or the one of the countries crossed), which has recently received a general service. In no case, RIDE IN TOURS can be held responsible for the malfunction or breakdown of the said vehicle. Any mechanical breakdown will not in any way modify the program of the trips. It will not be possible to ask for a refund or compensation of the sums paid for the reasons mentioned above.

- to have taken out an insurance policy with sufficient guarantees for the period of the trip and to have a driver's guarantee for personal injury. The absence or inadequacy of insurance can not be a reason for liability against RIDE IN TOURS.

- Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the customer will have consulted the various administrative and / or health formalities necessary for the execution of the tour and clearly indicated in the offer made by RIDE IN TOURS for French citizens going abroad or for foreigners coming to France. These formalities are the responsibility of the customer. RIDE IN TOURS cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with customs or health regulations of the countries concerned.

- to have taken note of the level of difficulty of the motorcycle itineraries, and the level of skill required. He/she considers that he/she is able to do them, and in no case can he/she hold RIDE IN TOURS responsible for a possible fall or other inconvenience caused by an overestimation of his/her own ability to ride and control his/her vehicle. Given the specificities of motorbike riding, the customer rider is deemed to be capable of presenting all guarantees in terms of anticipation and foresight of the risks of traffic accidents, and therefore could not hold RIDE IN TOURS responsible for a possible accident with a third party.

Physical condition and riding ability

By signing up for a RIDE IN TOURS guided or self-guided tour, the client certifies that he/she is in good physical condition to ride a motorcycle and follow the rhythm of this type of trip. We ride almost every day and we cannot be held responsible for not having the strength to keep up with the daily pace. It is also essential that customers have the appropriate level of skill to ride a motorbike in varying road environments (city crossings, possible traffic jams, winding mountain roads, riding in the rain, etc.) Each participant accepts the risks and dangers inherent in any motorbike trip.

Motorcycle rental

Our motorbikes are well maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications, however we cannot foresee a possible breakdown. RIDE IN TOURS will do its best to provide you with a motorcycle within 24 hours. In the case of an inferior model, a proportional refund will be made.

In the case of an guided tour, it is your responsibility to follow the instructions of your guide. When you are travelling on a self-guided tour, you may not leave the country in which your tour is scheduled or travel off-road without prior agreement from RIDE IN TOURS. Failure to comply with these rules may invalidate your insurance cover or your travel contract.

RIDE IN TOURS will not accept participants without proper motorcycle equipment (helmet, gloves, jacket).

In the event of speeding or any other traffic offence, RIDE IN TOURS will pass on the client's details and documents to the relevant authorities for payment of the fine, even when the tour is over. RIDE IN TOURS reserves the right to charge a fixed fee of 20 € for administration costs.

- Riding a motorcycle or a Can-Am requires certain skills and knowledge. Any client considered unfit or unable to control the rented vehicle will be stopped by the management and will have to rent a car at his own expense if he wishes to continue his tour. In case of refusal, the client will be offered a repatriation at his own expense without the client being able to exercise any further remedy.


- RIDE IN TOURS reserves the right to modify at any time the activities, as well as the itinerary of the tour according to the weather conditions and particular events which could occur. This is to ensure the safety of the participants throughout the tour.

- The organization cannot be held responsible for weather conditions, and in particular for natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, etc.).

- Any disrespectful behavior towards other people's property and local people may be punished by an expulsion of the rider.

- Alcohol is dangerous while riding. The guide reserves the right not to accept a rider on the tour if he/she feels that the rider's condition does not allow him/her to ride safely.

- The person in charge of the group will have full authority to inform the management of RIDE IN TOURS and indicate the reasons for his decision. The same will apply to people who have hidden or voluntarily concealed their state of health. A motorcycle trip is physical, requiring preparation and a good health condition.

- Any riding offence committed by a participant during the trip will have to be settled by him/her.

RIDE IN TOURS reserves the right to exclude participants who behave in an unsafe manner, without any reimbursement being able to be requested.

- In case of registration in a twin room (single person sharing a room with two beds), the agency, at the request of the client, will try to find a person who can share the room. If this is not possible, the client must pay the single room supplement.

How to register

Registration for a trip is made through the registration form available on the website of RIDE IN TOURS or in paper format.

It implies acceptance of the general and special terms and conditions. The registration becomes valid only after receipt of your deposit of 40% of the total amount including VAT.

The customer must complete the online booking form on our website or alternatively the paper form sent by email.

Duration of the trips

The duration of the trips includes

The day of the first night of the trip at the time of appointment communicated by the agency on the morning of the last night of the tour.

Our prices are calculated according to a number of nights and not full days.


Prices are in euros and include all taxes per person (French VAT).

They include the services listed on the quotation and the invoice. The price of the trip is necessarily the one that appears on this service at the time of registration.

No dispute concerning the price of the trip can be taken into consideration upon return. It is the client's responsibility to assess whether the price is suitable before departure.

However, these prices are subject to readjustment in the event of a significant change concerning, for example, security tax, port and/or airport tax, increase in the price of fuel, variations in exchange rates, significant increase in hotel rates, the exchange rate applied to the trip or stay concerned. In the event of a variation of more than 6% (against the Euro) in the currency of the country of destination in relation to the date of departure and if the holiday or trip has been booked more than 30 days before the date of departure, as well as in the event of a significant increase in fees and taxes, we reserve the right to modify the price of the tour. For customers whose registration is made less than 30 days before departure, the price cannot be changed under any circumstances.

Accommodation standards are based on local standards.

Breakfasts, when included in the price, are included the day after the night of accommodation.

Unless otherwise agreed, our trips and stays are payable by a deposit of 40% upon confirmation of registration by RIDE IN TOURS. The balance is due 30 days before departure.

Any trip not paid in full by the date specified on the registration form will be considered cancelled. In case of late registration, the travel documents can be given to the customer at the meeting point of the tour.

Changes by the customer before departure

Any changes made by the client prior to departure will be free of charge if the following elements are maintained:

- No change to the departure and return dates or to the route

- No change to the destination and type of accommodation.

Any other changes not included in the above-mentioned cases will be considered as a cancellation and will be charged according to the conditions of the paragraph "Cancellation fees".

Transfer of the contract

The transferor(s) must imperatively inform RIDE IN TOURS of the transfer of the contract by letter or email with acknowledgement of receipt at the latest seven days before the departure date, indicating precisely the surname(s), first name(s) and address(es) of the transferee(s) and the participants in the tour, and proving that they meet the general conditions.


Participants who book a tour must be in possession of all the necessary documents at the time of departure (identity card, motorcycle driving license, vehicle registration document, insurance certificate, passport, visas, vaccinations, etc.)

Information on the required documents will be requested at registration.

These formalities (especially the health formalities) can change at any time and remain in any case UNDER THE PARTICIPANT'S RESPONSIBILITY.

Please note that, contrary to popular belief, an expired passport or driving license is not a substitute for an identity card, even in the European Union.

The participant who registers for a tour to a country where an entry visa is required must, in this case, carry out the formalities themselves by contacting the consulate or embassy of the country concerned. They must also take care of any transit visas. Please contact us for information on the route taken.

All the costs of formalities remain the responsibility of the participant. RIDE IN TOURS cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for problems that may arise at the border, including loss or theft during the stay. RIDE IN TOURS will not be able to wait for you if you are detained by the police, customs or other services... In this case, the return will be at your expense. All other formalities (vaccinations, military...) remain your own responsibility.

Deposit and payment

In order to make your payment to validate your registration, RIDE IN TOURS offers you different ways of payment

By bank transfer to the account of Ride in Tours:

IBAN: FR76 1940 6370 1967 1686 0341 776

By secure payment link sent by email

Upon receipt of your deposit of 40% of the total amount and return of your copy of your registration form dated and signed, RIDE IN TOURS will confirm your registration by email.

The balance of 60% must be received at the latest 1 month before departure without any prior information or reminder from us. If the balance is not paid within this period, your booking will be cancelled, and cancellation fees will apply.

Cancellation of the trip


The agency reserves the right to cancel a tour up to 60 days before the departure date due to a lack of participants (minimum number of participants defined by RIDE IN TOURS in the brochure). Only the tour company reserves the right to cancel an escorted or personalized tour due to bad weather conditions.

Clients will be informed by email with acknowledgement of receipt.

The agency undertakes to refund all sums paid within 14 days (after communication by the client of his bank details) by bank transfer or reimbursement on the credit card used for payment.

The client will not be entitled to any compensation if the cancellation of the trip is imposed by force majeure conditions for reasons relating to the safety of the travelers.

By the participant

Any cancellation must be sent to RIDE IN TOURS by letter or email with acknowledgement of receipt. The cancellation will take effect immediately on the date of receipt of the cancellation.

If the customer cancels all or part of his or her stay, for whatever reason, RIDE IN TOURS will retain part of the sums paid according to the date of cancellation (percentage of the total amount of the stay including ancillary costs excluding insurance per person)

- from 60 to 31 days before the departure date: twenty-five percent (25%) of the total price including tax of the tour.

- from 30 to 21 days before the departure date: fifty percent (50%) of the total price including tax of the tour.

- 20 to 8 days before the departure date: seventy-five percent (75%) of the total price of the tour including tax.

- less than 8 days before the departure date: 100% of the total price including tax of the tour.

- in the event of non-appearance on the day of departure: 100% of the total price including tax of the tour.

Additional travel insurance

RIDE IN TOURS offers the customer a special insurance for travel, assistance & repatriation, cancellation and luggage loss for all persons travelling. If the customer refuses to take out this optional insurance, he/she acknowledges, however, that he/she has been fully informed by the service provider of the fundamental importance of this insurance cover and of the absolute necessity, for all participants, to have it before departure.

The client wishing to pay for his trip by credit card in order to benefit from the insurance of his card undertakes to check with his bank the conditions of travel insurance of the latter and to check in particular the cover and the amount of the cancellation insurance. In order to protect yourself from any unforeseen event, RIDE IN TOURS strongly advises you to subscribe to the insurance of your choice or to one of our insurance policies offered by our provider as an option on request.

We remind you that insurance fees are not refundable in case of cancellation.

Routing fault

RIDE IN TOURS cannot be held responsible for the failure of clients to check in at the place of departure of the trip caused by a delay in air, rail or land transport, even if this delay is the result of force majeure, an act of God or the actions of a third party.

RIDE IN TOURS cannot be held responsible:

- when the participant presents expired identity and/or health documents.

- When the participant does not present the identity documents and / or health necessary for the realization of his tour.

In the event of failure to provide the necessary documents, which makes it impossible for the participant to attend the place of departure, 100% of the price of the trip will be retained.




Motorcycle and Can-Am rental

Security deposit

For all motorcycle rentals from our fleet RIDE IN TOURS will ask for a credit card deposit as a security deposit for any possible damage that may be done to the vehicle. The deposit is cancelled at the end of the tour when the motorcycle is returned.

The amounts for the motorcycle categories are as follows:

Category A: BMW 1200/1250 GS, BMW 1200 RT, HONDA AFRICA CRF 1100: 2500 €.

Category B: Moto Guzzi V85 TT, BMW F 750 GS, CAN-AM RYKER 900: € 1800

Category C: Honda 750 NCX, Suzuki 650 DL VTROM: 1400 €.

Category D: Royal Enfield Bullet 500, CFMOTO 650 MT: € 1000

Category GT: CAN-AM SPYDER F3 Limited: 4000 €.

Choice of motorcycle models

When booking with RIDE IN TOURS, you choose a category of motorbike and a model and we do our best to satisfy you. However, our fleet of motorbikes is unfortunately not expandable, and we cannot guarantee your choice when booking at the last minute. For technical reasons RIDE IN TOURS reserves the right to switch to a motorcycle of a similar or higher category.

Documents for riding

It is the client's responsibility to be in conformity with the regulations and administrative formalities of the country. For all motorcycle rentals, a driving license and proof of identity must be provided in advance. We will not deliver a motorcycle to anyone who does not have these documents or whose documents are not up to date. The documents will be checked on arrival before the motorcycles are collected.

Additional days of repatriation for rental motorcycles

On some tours we offer the possibility to keep the motorbike for one or two extra days for repatriation to our base in Tours at no extra cost to the package. The motorcycle is fully covered during this period. All other costs such as accommodation, gas and tolls and other charges will be at the customer's expense.

Rules & Exclusion:

RIDE IN TOURS reserves the right to exclude at any time a person whose repeated behavior could cause serious trouble to the rest of the group such as:

- Not respecting the legislation (road regulations, smoking ban in public places, etc.)

- Incitement to take risks that could endanger the safety of participants or other road users

- Aggressiveness, disrespect for other participants

- Excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs etc...

No compensation will be paid in case of exclusion for bad behavior

RIDE IN TOURS declines all responsibility for activities carried out on site that are not included in the program.

The programs are purely indicative in part or in full; no claim or compensation will be due in the event of changes to the itinerary due to unfavorable weather conditions in order to ensure the safety of participants or for any other imponderable factor.

Personal data

In application of law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978, it is recalled that the nominative data requested from the client is necessary for the processing of his/her order and is intended for internal use only by the agency.

This personal data (documents, papers, formalities, contact details) may nevertheless be transmitted to third parties, partners of the seller. The client therefore has the right to access, modify, rectify and oppose any information concerning him/her, under the conditions provided for by the law and regulations in force.

Photos and films

All materials (photos and videos) produced during the tours of RIDE IN TOURS are the property of the agency and we reserve the right to use for the website, advertising, brochures or any communication needs. No legal action can be taken by a participant for the use of materials where he or she can be recognized.

The agency will do its utmost to preserve the anonymity of its clients but cannot be sued for image infringement.


We ask that you bring to our attention any complaints or suggestions, without waiting for the tour to be completed. RDE IN TOURS takes all customer complaints and suggestions very seriously and will try to find an acceptable solution as soon as possible.

Settlement of disputes

Only French jurisdiction applies to our general and special conditions of sale. Any complaint relating to a stay must be sent to us by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 8 days of the return date. After this period, no action will be taken on the requests made. Any dispute is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Tours registered under the number A 808 548 895

RIDE IN TOURS acting as an intermediary between, on the one hand the customer, and on the other hand the service providers (hosts, renters, various service providers ...), cannot be confused with the latter who, in any case, retain their own responsibility.

"After having referred the matter to the service (after-sales, after travel, etc.) and in the absence of a satisfactory response or in the absence of a response within a period of 60 days, the customer may refer the matter to the Tourism and Travel Ombudsman, whose contact details and procedures for referring the matter to him are available on his website:

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