Rental terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions that apply to all rentals by Ride in Tours.


The rental company : RIDE IN TOURS, 196 avenue George Sand, 37700 LA VILLE AUX DAMES, FRANCE registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Tours n° 808 458 895 
with the travel agent license n° IM037140002


The person that fill the rental booking form and tick the acceptance of the terms and conditions.
Any rental booking made by any other form that the one available on our website will not be consider valid until a sales conditions has been signed and printed by customer and return to us and a confirmation email has been received from RIT.
By executing the rental agreement the renter acknowledges that :
• the motorcycles or scooter and accessories are in good working order
• the motorcycle or scooter is in the condition as described in the rental agreement, any reservations are noted in the appropriate section of the rental agreement
• they have been supplied with a photocopy of the vehicles registration details and insurance certificate by Ride in Tours which must be presented to authorities upon request.


The term of the lease is calculated per 24 hours not split, from the time of provision provided the vehicle, as shown at the time of booking.
Regarding the date and time of return of the vehicle, the renter has a tolerance of 30 minutes, beyond which an additional day will be charged. If the customer wishes to keep the vehicle beyond the period originally specified in the rental agreement, it must obtain the prior consent of the renter.
Regarding the date and time support in case of no show to take over the vehicle within one hour of the time of appointment, the rental will be due.
Except in cases of force majeure, the customer must notify the renter of the delay.
The duration of the lease shall be provided under the contract, from the time and date set.
The renter reserves the right to refuse the extension of the lease, without compensation to the customer, with obligation for it to return the vehicle at the date and time originally planned.
Without agreement from Ride in Tours any additional day will be double charged for the vehicle in question.
If modified, it is free but does not give right to a refund of the difference if the client shorten the duration or if the customer removes an option. Cancellations and modifications are made by email only.


The booking will be consider valid until a full payment has been made through our payment link that will be send to you by email.


A deposit is required for all rentals :

  • CAN AM Spyder F3T / RT                                                      1 500 €
  • BMW 12500 GS / RT                             :                                1 000 €
  • BMW 750 GS / CF MOTO 800 MT / MOTO GUZZI V85TT :    700 €
  • SCOOTER 50 + 125cc :                                                           300 €

It is intended to cover the damage which may be suffered by the renter because of non- payment of the total rental price of the occurrence of an incident involving the liability of the customer or a theft. The latter will acquire the Lessor in case of theft.
The amount of deposit is included in the terms and conditions of the lease. All or part of the deposit will be retained in case of damage to the vehicle and / or accessories (depending on the current price of parts and accessories) and will be retained in full in the event of failure to return the vehicle.

Deductible :

  • CAN AM Spyder F3T / RT                                                     4 000 €
  • BMW 12500 GS / RT                             :                               2 500 €
  • BMW 750 GS / CF MOTO 800 MT / MOTO GUZZI V85TT : 1 500 €
  • SCOOTER 50 + 125cc :                                                           600 €


If the amount of damage caused to the rented vehicle is less than the deductible amount, the refund of the difference will be made to the customer within a maximum period of 15 days.
In the absence of damage or theft, the deposit will be refunded to the customer at the end of the contract, and within a maximum period of 15 days after the end of the lease evidenced by the return of the vehicle to the renter.


The customer has the legal withdrawal period of 7 days from the date of booking, unless the rental begins within 7 days of booking date.
In addition, Ride in Tours customer may cancel the booking right.
In this case, the deposit on booking will be retained.
The client will made its cancellation by mail or email stating his booking number.
Any other means of contact will not be considered for cancellations.
Cancellations must be received within 48 hours before the date and time of departure of the vehicle (date of postmark for mail) after this time no refund will be made even if the subscription cancellation insurance.
No request will be taken into account in the case of a confirmation of the rental before the date and time of departure of the vehicle.
RIT customer must ensure before taking his vehicle that he has received confirmation.
RIT disclaims any liability for inaccurate information on personal customer data (email address, phone etc...).


- Minimum age of customer : 21 year of age
- Required experience : a driving license issued for more than 3 years. For some models, an experience motorcycle riding may be required. Ride in Tours reserves the right to request a certificate of insurance indicating that the designated driver to the contract has been secured for driving a motorcycle in the last 2 years.
- Vehicle category : customer is entitled to drive categories of vehicles as defined in the license, subject to conditions of age, seniority license and means of payment.
Drivers do not have suspension or withdrawal of driving license in the last 2 years or termination or nullity of contract on the part of an insurer for any type of vehicle.
- Documents required to rent a vehicle : a driver's license recognized by Ride in Tours, an identity card or passport and a valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard) the name of the main driver, and a proof of address (rent receipt, electricity bill , bill for house phone or internet).


The customer is legally responsible of the vehicle from the delivery.
All complaints concerning damages not noticed at delivery will not be accepted. The customer must bring the bike in the same condition as given. The customer will be responsible in case of damage not reported at the time of delivery.
In all cases, the customer remains custodian of the vehicle and therefore responsible for violations of the Highway Code and the damage caused to the vehicle until the keys are returned and a contradictory report on the state of the vehicle is established. Denial of all the contradictory findings in the agreed terms, lead acceptance by the customer billing of any damage noted in his absence.


The customer is allowed to circulate exclusively in the countries on the International Motor Insurance Card (Green Card) with prior agreement of RIT. If the customer circulates in an unauthorized country with the rental vehicle, no insurance will cover it.


We deliver the motorcycle at no charge to your location within the city area of Tours. Delivery can be done outside city limits with extra costs (see booking form for drop-on/drop-off fees).
Every client will receive orientation to the motorcycle/scooter. The client orientation will cover all aspects of safe motorcycle operation, the clients' maintenance responsibilities, local and state laws.


Return of the vehicle must be provided at the place, dates and times specified in the rental agreement under penalty of civil and criminal prosecution. In case of impediment, the customer must notify Ride in Tours by any means and in the shortest time.


Fuel costs are client's responsibility. Ride in Tours claims no responsibility for motorcycle fuel consumption and mileage. If prepaid fuel is not purchased and vehicle needs refueling, a € 30 charge will be added.


The customer is responsible for checking engine oil levels at each refueling and reporting mechanical failures immediately. Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are provided at pick-up. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in motorcycle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.
Use, maintain, keep the motorcycle keys in a safe place because in case of loss of keys, Ride in Tours customer may be charged by the renter`s lump sum.


Violation of listed restrictions voids all VIP Theft & Damage Waivers and client will be held liable for damages. Road Restriction: Rental street motorcycles are not allowed on gravel roads, beaches, logging or other non-public roads. Clients cannot leave the country without written authorization or accompanied by a Ride in tours Guide.
- To let drive the vehicle by licensed drivers on ways to own traffic, without participation in competitions, rallies or sports car racing.
- Do not use the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs or any other substance affecting his consciousness or ability to react.
- Use the rented accordance with customs regulations vehicle, the Highway Code and, more generally, in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions.
- To operate and maintain the vehicle in good father.


Any intentional damage or damage caused by driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a drug or a pipe out of lanes for traffic vehicles.
Any damage due to transport persons for compensation, to transport flammable, explosive, oxidizing or chemical ; participation in motor racing or their tests or driving lessons , the use to push, pull or tow a vehicle to use the vehicle for any illegal purpose or in violation of the Highway Code or any other law or regulation ; driving in countries not permitted by Ride in Tours or insurance.
Also excluded are additional protections traces from use outside of paved roads.
Theft guarantee is granted on the condition that the insured vehicles are systematically protected by the steering lock and an additional anti-theft system prescribed by NF/FFMC certification.
Non-compliance with these obligations will result in forfeiture of the right to guarantee flight.


Ride in Tours are not licensed to and do not provide lessons for operating a 125cc scooter. However people without license can choose to join our package training/tour with a 7 hours training operated by a certified riding school and then take a scooter for the week end. This formula is not available for motorcycle
The customer is responsible for ensuring they have the necessary experience to operate a Scooter LML.
The customer is responsible for holding the appropriate level of travel and or life insurance.
Riding a scooter or motorcycle can be dangerous and the client should make an informed decision on hiring or taking a tour.


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